Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog Project is a growing movement around the world puts yellow ribbons on dogs as a way to tell approaching people that the animal wants to be left alone.

The concept is simple: If your dog doesn’t want to be approached, put a yellow ribbon on his collar. The ribbon works as a signal to others to ask before coming near.

In Pinelands the dog owners are trying this out to (and some dog parks too) as a warning that some dog just need their space.

Bismark and Daisy are rescue dogs and they need their space while they learn to socialise with other dogs. Lets hope other people with reactive dogs start to adopt this too.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Santa Shoebox Project

The Santa Shoebox Project has been around for a few years now...I have taken part for the last 2 years, with 2 boxes last year and 8 boxes this year. My mom's company also pledged boxes and this was the final result, over 40 boxes!

The car was quite full on its journey to the drop off centre. If you haven't taken part before and wish to, do, its a great cause where you know that every cent you spend is going to a child in the form of items of clothing and necessities.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sea-green Waves

My aunt teaches beading and when I went to visit she taught me this "twist and curl" pattern. She used bicones and cut but I wanted a softer wave and this is the result.

The necklace is a just longer than a choker style that sits on the collarbone and closed but a magnetic clasp.