Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sewing by hacking

I have realised that sewing is much easier with a pattern, without one I sort of hack away until it fits. Not ideal but it does the job well enough. I have been learning to sew and bought myself a gathering foot. The foot removes the PT of gathering by hand though it does decrease the possibility of changing the concentration of gathers post sewing. Overall though the outfit fitted. One down, many to go.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ballroom AGM

The UCT Ballroom AGM this year started with a recap of the events from the last year and the successes and failures and avenues to improve. The biggest area of improvement seems to be retaining beginners by exam time. Intervarsity will be hosted by Rhodes next year, "Roadtrip to Rhodes". The date has been pushed back later in the year, til the end of August, which will change the timetable for ballroom events in general. There will be an overall change in calendar next year as a result of the Soccer World Cup. Let us hope the disruption does not negatively impact on ballroom and university in general.

The 2010 committee is:
CHAIR: Hayley McIntosh
VICE CHAIR: Lara Milne
TREASURER: Gershwin Scheepers
SOCIALS: Clair van Eyssen
MEDALS: Adrienne Daniels
FORMAL: Claire Hanley
IT: Richard Parry
O-WEEK & IV: Rudi Botha

Friday, September 11, 2009

SASAS Conference

South African Society for Atmospheric Scientists (SASAS) host an annual conference to bring together the Atmospheric Scientists and interested parties (agriculture, atmospheric chemists, hydrologists, oceanographers) a chance to meet and present their current research.

This year Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) were tasked with running the conference. SASAS was held at Waterval in Tulbagh, a team building and conference venue just outside the picturesque wine producing town. There was snow on the mountains and fog in the mornings..nice and chilly.

The theme this year was BEYOND THE BOX. Trying to slowly shuffle atmospheric scientists from the traditional methods to the innovative. The conference structure changed to include 2 new sections; Grill the Climatologist and Beyond the Box.

Grill the Climatologist consisted of thought provoking questions put before a panel of three scientists. The questions were anonymously submitted to the chairman of the session. They included geoengineering, why we bother running more simulations when we can't cope with what we have already and carbon trading.

Beyond the Box was split into 2 sections, a short introduction by four scientists on what they think is the future of atmospheric science. These presentations highlighted the current failures and their visions of hope. The second section expanded on these ideas and included a few extra presentations on innovative approaches to climate science.

A few take home messages from this conference are that carbon trading is a disastrous idea, geoengineering is not a solution and that we need to stop looking to new and better models and tell a story with the data we already have.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

UCT Ballroom Formal

The UCT Ballroom Formal this year was held at Kelvin Grove. The Emperor's Palace was formal with a touch of Asian. Kelvin has redone their floor since I was last there and it is superb to dance on.

I was adventurous and made my first ever ballgown for the event. I never realised what a mission it is to adjust/fit a dress that is actually on you. You are looking down and from an angle and so the seams that you think are straight, turn out to be rather skew. In the end it turned out vaguely correct.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cossack's in CT

The Cossack dancers were in Cape Town and delivered a lively performance that required both stamina and strength. The guys were phenomenal with their spinning and the height to which they jumped. Definitely worth going to see.