Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Blues

I have now been in Ann Arbor 2 full days and have had rain and today hot and humid. I think CT has a rival for PMS weather. Today was the start of the Football season. Go Blues! Nearly every UM student was out maize and blue to support the team. The activities start around 9am for a 3pm game with tailgating, a tradition of barbecuing in parking lots while drinking and discussing the chances of the team. I attended a tailgate with other atmos grads across the road from the marching band practice. The marching band has over 300 people and they wear these weird hats which in my opinion look like naval hats with feather dusters stuck in them. Whatever floats your boat.

One the way to tailgating I passed the sororities and fraternities tailgating. lots of alcohol, loud music and very little clothing is all i'm saying.

A weird advertising system seems to be used here, chalk on the sidewalks. Its ecofriendly, colourful and different. Seen something similar in Oxford but not to this extent. I'll take pictures when I find a super cool one.

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