Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Immigration Check-in

I survived immigration check-in yesterday without harming the speaker. It is generally presumed that all people coming to the US have almost zero knowledge English so the International Center here speaks in slow even tones like one would do to a small child or a stupid person. After over two hours of this I was ready to crack.

I feel like a prisoner, or maybe the Jews who had to always carry a ID (passport in my case) incase I get stopped and asked. They also think that everyone should apply for Michigan IDs (even more paperwork and more money). Apparently even international drivers licenses are not recognised here.

I now need to sign up for Health Insurance at $89 a month (no dental or eye care) or prove I have sufficient cover in SA to be granted a waiver. I think there is a legal issue as well that I can't hold more than one insurance at a time. Weekend problem.

I move in tomorrow, so I have to go shop for bedding and groceries. Apparently one of my housemates is a final year Economics student. Haven't met the others yet.

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