Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ballroom AGM

The UCT Ballroom AGM this year started with a recap of the events from the last year and the successes and failures and avenues to improve. The biggest area of improvement seems to be retaining beginners by exam time. Intervarsity will be hosted by Rhodes next year, "Roadtrip to Rhodes". The date has been pushed back later in the year, til the end of August, which will change the timetable for ballroom events in general. There will be an overall change in calendar next year as a result of the Soccer World Cup. Let us hope the disruption does not negatively impact on ballroom and university in general.

The 2010 committee is:
CHAIR: Hayley McIntosh
VICE CHAIR: Lara Milne
TREASURER: Gershwin Scheepers
SOCIALS: Clair van Eyssen
MEDALS: Adrienne Daniels
FORMAL: Claire Hanley
IT: Richard Parry
O-WEEK & IV: Rudi Botha

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