Friday, July 19, 2013

Adventures in Sewing: Horse-hair Braid

In my adventures into sewing a dancesport dress, I have come across are variety of sewing items that can make an outfit flounce, curl and create volume, the latest of which is Horse-hair Braid or in South Africa: Mesh Tape.

The pictures below are of the tape that you can buy at material shops that sell bridal haberdashery. This one is an inch thick.

While exploring the various tutorials I came across this tutorial that showed how to sew the tape to the bottom of the skirt. This their case, they folded it up again to create a hem, but in my case I left it exposed to add to the effect.

Unlike the tutorial, I did not pin it before sewing, as I stretched the Lycra as I hemmed it.

Each ruffle is two full circles to make the many curls needed to create volume in the skirt. In my case I could only get hold of white mesh tape, so the dress is decorated in silver crystals to match.


D James said...

The dress looks amazing, can you advise if you used anything else to create this effect (other than the horsehair) ?

Hayley said...

I only used the horse-hair braid. The trip is to use many circles per ruffle layer, I used 2 per layer in mine.

You should also stretch the lycra as you sew the braid on so the ruffle puff up at the edges

M KOODSI said...

Hayley sorry but I don't understand what you mean by use many circles per layer...please I beg you to explai. Mk

Tasty Destination said...

what a great impressed! checking out the rest of your blog now! bridal fabrics