Friday, January 11, 2008

Evening froth

Gold clip

I attended a formal dance a while back and needed a hair accessory to go with up too much on the side. I commy dress. I went shopping for one and failed to find anything to buy (in my price range). I ended up making my own from a collection of ideas I've seen. The total price to make was R5. It consists of a hair clip from Ralo Cosmetics and a wire flower and tigertail fronds. I made a mistake with this one that I corrected on the one I made for a friend (in pink!). The fronds are too long and stick out on the side. I compensated by doing a hair style to the one side which actually worked quite well.

Flower clip

The second is a flower design on a hairclip make with seed beads and gut. This is much heavier than the gold clip, but is smaller easier to use. This design costs about the same amount to make, it just takes a bit longer to make. The flower should take about 15 minutes.

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