Monday, May 19, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I have arrived! After a bit of a currency issue and walking the whole of the Cape Town International airport, I managed to exchange my money for pounds. In future, I will do all this prior to the airport. I booked in and got on the plane, and then waited 1 hour because of strong tailwinds meant we would land too early in Heathrow.

The flight was awful. The SAA dinner was a choice between fish babootie or chicken and pasta. Though they are quite prepared to dish out copious amounts of alcohol on demand. Settling in, I went through the movie list, it was abysmal. Either seen or had no wish to see. Turns out there was not 1, but 2 babies on the plane! When they finally settled done around 12ish the turbulence from a storm over West Africa caused more unpleasantness. We arrived at Heathrow at 6.10 and to 11C weather. I was very glad for my new winter(SA winter) coat.

The tube was my next adventure. As a girl who doesn't do public transport it was quite a change. Nice people helped with my luggage and i made it to Russell Square without incident. Got off and then the trouble started. I was earlier than I told Warrick and the people couldn't direct me to Goodenough College. One WAP google lookup later, I headed off.

Warrick apparently went partying the night before and wasn't particularly awake when I arrived. Anyways, we dumped my stuff and did a walk of London to the river and caught a bus back. I am very impressed with the transport system. I think the oyster card is awesome. I'm still having trouble reading the bus maps though. I will improve.

Grabbed Subway (their options aren't nearly as interesting as ours). We trudged back through rain (it had to start raining again when I arrive after sunshine for a week) and crashed. Little sleep on a plane does not a happy Hayley make. Supper was Nando's (I know, I come to London and eat the same as in South Africa). And so ends my arrival to England. Next stop Oxford.

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