Sunday, January 11, 2009

Magpie tendencies

I fully admit to magpie tendencies. I cannot walk past a jewellery store without looking at the earrings on display and I won't even discuss beaded earrings in accessory stores. Over the years I have received and made many pairs of earrings and have finally done a count. Total: 73. Not bad considering my compulsive buying in every country I visit.

How to store this many? My mom came up with the idea from a jewellery store, she took Hessian and edged a piece wrapping the top over a wooden stick, then attach a hanger to it to hang in your cupboard. This way none of them get tangled or disappear.

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simmers said...

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Segmentation fault
$ gdb ./earrings
> bt
ERR: playgirl badge is not of type const* earring
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