Monday, January 19, 2009


I went to see Twilight over the weekend. I had not realised that during my stay overseas the movie prices had escalated to R45 a ticket. Besides the obvious changes from the book, I didn't quite realise that the movie was aimed at a younger market, namely the type that require less wit and flowing dialogue. I was sadly disappointed. I can only hope that the sequel will include better dialogue and maybe a more rounded explanation of each characters unique skill, something they just left out.


simmers said...

Hey Hayley. Did you read the books? They are basically girl porn. I'm currently on book 3 and can't understand how I got here. A

HayleyM said...

I read 1 and 2, I agree totally. I normally enjoy supernatural books/movies. It was rather disappointing.

simmers said...

I have a friend Melanie in Oxford who practically forced me to read the first one. I'm not sure why I liked it. Perhaps because I had quite a lot of free time on my hands and they were easy to read. Since things got a little more busy I've put reading book 3 on hold.