Monday, May 19, 2008

Blisters in the Sun

My trip to Oxford was plagued by tubeworks. Turns out the tube people were doing maintenance on the line to Victoria (my bus collection point). After frantically reading maps to get there on time, we took the tube to Green Park (I think) and then the bus and then a 5 minute walk to the bus station. In future I will check the maintenance schedule prior to departure.

The bus trip itself was uneventful. The scenery looks like the trip out on the N1 to Paarl, except the architecture is different. Bus arrived in Gloucester Green late and then I had to walk across Oxford to get to the tourist bureau and pick up a map and on to my res room. I eventually got to Holywell Manor (turns out it is actually 3 buildings, I'm in Dellal.) My room is on the top floor, 4 rooms on the floor. Pics are the view from my window.

I dropped my stuff and proceeded to walk Oxford, much to my feets' displeasure. I have blisters on the balls of my feet. Next time I'll wear takkies instead of boots. Found the equivalent of Super sandwich off campus. Haven't found a decent supermarket yet. That is Monday's challenge.

I realised a few weeks ago that going away for 8 weeks means, no dancing. That was unacceptable. I have now officially joined the Oxford Uni Dancesport Club and been to my first class and social. This is a note to the ballroom people. Our socials are much cooler, there is no theme, its only 2 hours and the music is still CD operated by the instructor :( Met a few people, I realise now what the American couple in bronze felt like with us all being a clique and almost zero way in to it. Its a very closed group. I also managed to destroy my heels (an ongoing fight, but I only had them done the week before I left). I also discovered the coolest invention: HEEL PROTECTORS. They are these plastic covers to go over your heels so they don't wear done and damage your shoes. I am so investing in a pair. If they work, everyone at dancing is getting them as presents (that is if they don't cost a fortune). Next stop research meeting. bleh.

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