Thursday, May 29, 2008

Latin flavour

I have obviously passed some sort of test of the dancesport team and have been inducted into the group. This includes nights out and different lessons with actual technique. Apparently I have made friends with the 'in' part of the team; the current team captain, current latin champ, latin teacher and top ballroom dancer. Man can these guys move their hips. I would kill for that hip movement.

Turns out wednesday night is Salsa night in Oxford. We went to Anuba, a cocktail bar on the clubby side of town (think claremont area), which is a whole 2 minute walk from the shop side of town :) Anuba has a dance floor the size of the outside area of Mojo and there were maybe 15/20 couples on the floor. Bumper cars ahoy! 10 points if you manage to cause extensive bruising. Cover charge is 3gbp, which was less than expected, by cocktails were 6gbp. Good thing the guys bought them otherwise my bank balance would be crying right about now. Definitely a repeat experience.

One question though. Do I really look that sweet and innocent? Honestly... and if so how do I can change it?


Raoul said...

Yes, you really look that sweet and innocent. How to change it? Difficult. Maybe start not actually being sweet and innocent. Sharpe can help you with that when you get back to SA. Otherwise, how about shaving your head, piercing your eyebrow and getting a tattoo? You wont look good, but you wont look sweet and innocent.

Kevin said...

LIEZ! 'sweet an innocent' is your cover we always knew it, and never fell for it. those oxford boys have no idea that the root of all evil stands before them :D