Thursday, September 2, 2010

Churches galore

My last morning was spent gawking at paintings by Tintoretto and Titian in the various churches in the Frari district.

Frari Church was built in about 1492 and in some ways seems like a monument to Titian and Canova (artists of Venice) with all the art they produced specifically for this church.

The same could be said for Scuola San Rocco, the only brotherhood to survive intact during Napoleon's reign. Its a homage to Tintoretto and I actually bought an audio guide to listen to the history of each painting that literally lines the walls and ceiling. You may not take photos within (wiki the paintings or artists if you are that interested) the building though I'm not sure my camera could capture the sheer size and colours of the canvases anyway.

It felt like the churches were groaning under the weight of the art attached to their walls and if Venice would float better without all the art on its walls.

Following this rather history of Venetian art tour I set off to the Rialto Fish Market and my real destination of Arsenale, the old ship building factory at the tail of Venice. It is not listed in my guidebook but I saw an architectural plan in the Correr Museum. Arsenale is guarded by 4 lions at its main entrance and it seems is now a military area and not visitable. I had to make do with sneak peaks through the doors and later from the bell tower.

My lunch was spent in the beautiful gardens on the very tip of the fish's tail basking in the sunlight, watching the cruise ships go by and eating ham and mozzarella paninis. Sometime being a student is so tough :P

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