Thursday, September 2, 2010

Venice on high

My last afternoon and evening were spent between two bell towers, one attahed to San Giorgio Maggiore Church and directly across from the Doge's Palace and the other the Campinale on St Mark's Square.

San Giogrio Maggiore Church is a sort boat ride from St Mark's and delivers you to the church stairs. The church itself has yet more Tintoretto's and a really cool wooden statue that used to sit on the steeple but was struck by lightning a few years ago (even churches can face the wrath of the gods). The bell tower offers a 360 degree view of Venice and all the surrounding islands (and the Alps in the distance) without fencing in the way (like the Campinale).

The Campinale closes at 9pm offering a beautiful view of Venice at sunset/twilight. The sun is still setting over the Alps and the markers in the canals are all alight to guide boats through the shallow waters. St Mark's Square looks sort of like a cake full of candles with its hundreds of lights. The music from the duelling musicians floats up to provide the background music as the camera pans over the scene :)

Next stop is Verona (which I am currently on the train to) which is an hour away from Venice and the home of Romeo and Juliet, the Verona Arena and gorgeous Italian fashion (and shoes) :D The train trip through winelands region reminds me of home and I am eagerly awaiting a wine trip once home (at least to Stellenbosch for the Python course in September).

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