Monday, September 6, 2010


Marco organised a full program for my weekend in Switzerland. In his words, "Zurich is not that interesting", so we proceeded to explore a few picturesque towns and villages across Switzerland. Transport in Switzerland seems very expensive (and Zurich even more so). We caught the train to Lucerne to view the lake, visit the transport museum and generally wonder around.
Traveling through the countryside is beautiful as grass covered hills whizz by dotted with cows. There are an abundance of rivers and lakes to see. Arriving in Lucerne we noticed that Pilatus, our intended destination was in fact hidden by clouds and would make viewing problematic.
Never fear, us geeks just spent longer in the transport museum seeing every exhibit, trying out all the options and critically analysing the various components of the trains, cars and space rovers. One of the coolest features was the car feature. Now I am not a car enthusiast but they have a robotic ladder-lift that brings that car you've requested down from the collection on the wall for you to view. This "Car Theatre" had vehicles from 1880 to the present including world record-holders.
Moving on to the "Old Town" of Lucerne we wondered around the pretty Swiss buildings and walked along the wooden bridges (described to us on our Google Map that other interns put together "old" and "very old") which are beautiful though required us to muse over the structural soundness and weird engineering contraption thing in the river it spanned (turns out it was for hydropower somehow).

Traveling back to Zurich I got to wonder around the city and see what they meant by "not interesting". I've decided that Zurich was a very average personality and they have perfected the art of "living normally" so that nothing goes wrong or causes inefficiencies and therefore loss of time.

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