Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slinky Bracelets

These fun, quirky bracelets provide hours of entertainment while looking good. Made from memory wire that remembers its springlike shape, these lightweight bracelets provide an alternative to numerous bangles on a wrist.

Like a spring, Memory Wire 'remembers' its shape and retains its coil form. Made from thin tempered stainless steel, which is tarnish and corrosion resistant, it is rigid and snaps back to its original form when expanded and released.

Memory wire bracelets will fit almost any wrist size. It does not require clasps or ends, so is extremely easy to put on; you just expand the coil and wrap it around your wrist. It is strong so, unlike thread bracelets, it will never break (only chip the beads if some creative child or adult tries to use it as an actual slinky)

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