Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cooking Safari in Bo-Kaap

Over the weekend my mother and I ventured into an area I have not really explored in Cape Town, Bo-Kaap. The area features a tight-knit Cape Malay community and a pretty colourful neighbourhood.

I snapped the photo above on my phone while we took a bit of a walk around and ogled the vibrant colours (it was late afternoon and many shadows). I shall definitely return another day to explore the beautiful houses and mosques. The scenery reminds me of touring Burano.

Our cooking lesson (with Lekka Kombuis) itself took us on an journey through the Cape Malay favourites (though Bobotie is still a favourite): Chicken curry, rotis, samoosas and chili bites. I have finally learnt the correct spice mix for a curry (Chilli powder, tumeric, coriander, fennel, cumin and Masala)!

Rolling rotis was an interesting experience, making the dough itself is very similar to making foccocia dough. The trick is in the rolling and using lots of butter! I also learnt how to beat your dough into submission.

I will definitely be trying out the recipes again at home and posting the results :)

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