Monday, June 2, 2008

Walking London

I had grand plans for saturday that were ruined by delays on Mike's side. My improvised day included a walk down Oxford Street (it took an hour to do 1km) packed with sat shoppers. Wandered through Covent Garden to the Freed shop to look what shoes they had. Had lunch with Mike at Reef Cafe in Waterloo station, nice place but it was packed because the rugby was on that afternoon. I then walked across Lambeth bridge and visited Cornucopia, a vintage shop that is in Pimlico tube stop. The place is a nightmare of dresses and tops all out of size order but I managed to find a divine plum coloured chinese collar dress. Carried on my tour to the museums in Kensington. I was warned it would take forever in the Science Museum, but i assume that is when the 2nd floor is open. I went especially for the computer floor, which has Babbage's machine and a punch card computer only to find it is closed for redevelopment. MEH!

The V&A Museum is interesting and rather large, more so than I was told. Never quite made it all the way through before closing, so I will have to go back again :)

After the museum shut around me, I wandered in Harrods and through the different themed rooms, which are awesome btw, especially the Egyptian room. I thought I was in the deli section and actually ended up in the sweet hall. The place has an entire hall of sweets. Heaven. Managed to restrain myself to only a few jelly beans from the about 30 flavours they have (cream soda, toasted marshmallow, very cherry, strawberry cheesecake) and milk bottles. Best milk bottles ever.

Eventually made it to Warrick's and went to dinner at an Italian place round the corner with Rudi and Saadi(?). Fun times. My feet are so sore now.

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Peter said...

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