Monday, July 7, 2008

Counting Crows in Hyde Park

I bought a spare ticket off a friend of Carl's and went to O2 wireless in Hyde Park yesterday. There were 4 sound stages distributed around the park. Turns out that you could hear the main stage from anywhere including the other stages. Drowned out the other acts in some cases. The bands I ended up seeing were Magic Christians (they suck), Eddy Grant (its like an evening in Cool Runnings), Powderfinger (had never heard of them but the music is fairly decent), Bowling for Soup (v. cool), Amy Studt (shame she had a throat infection, couldn't sing properly), Ben Harper (legend), Royworld (weird), Goo Goo Dolls (my favourite, they were spectacular) and Counting Crows (they were decent in parts, but played a lot no one knew and they messed with Mr Jones).

Now i'm told that its not a summer concert without rain, well we had plenty. It came in large doses at regular intervals. Nothing like standing in an open arena soaking wet. I'll post some pictures later when I find batteries for my camera.

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Warren said...

But the Crows are the bestest! :D They mess with most of their songs when doing them live. They're called alternates and they're what make the live shows for the fans. I suppose I can see the disappointment for people who only like a handful of their songs :)