Saturday, July 12, 2008

Istanbul at a glance

I arrived in Istanbul on the Asian side. The plane flew over the most of the city before landing. Before coming to the city I had this view of a bustling city, set out over the a vast area. I discovered i was very wrong. The place houses roughly 15 million people, the equivalent of the Netherlands. The place is built in the towering apartment buildings on top of each other in every available space.

The drivers here are maniacs. Its like everyone is a CT taxi driver. The number of close calls is horrendous. They are setting up a full on public transport system, but it's in its infancy atm. They do however have a system similar to the oyster card, pity i can't read turkish to read the top up machines.

I have walked miles already and am set to walk some more. Wish me happy times!

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marco said...

CT taxi drivers would plea mercy here in China.