Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turkish Baths

I have to say, Alapan was definitely onto something in honours. A Turkish bath is absolutely divine. Roline and I trekked into Old Town and walked into a lesser known Hamami from the one in the Lonely Planet. We had the place to ourselves. After being told to strip, clothing is strictly a no no and given the most awesome towels, we were led into a steaming chamber and let to our own devices to drench ourselves in water and let our pores breath. Its very relaxing and hot. We were then led away into separate rooms where we had to lie on marble slabs and got a full body scrub, then soap massage. Following this you go back and steam again for a while before having an oil massage. I can honestly say that if I'd known it was that good I would have done it my first day, not my last.

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alapan said...

Glad I had some effect on your education - even if it is on the miracles of turkish baths. :)