Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OWL & going green

I've spent the day in the University Club working. The university has a campus wide Oxford Wireless LAN (OWL) that you can access from most buildings and areas (including parts of the Uni Park). Its really interesting to further note the Oxford mindset of clearing up after yourself. I've commented in an earlier post that students do not clean after themselves after party nights. Same seems to go for lecturers and staff it seems. The place is a self-clear area, but it seems there are many who believe someone else will do it if left.

This rant comes after the concert in Hyde Park on Sunday. There were minimal bins in the concert area, but they were available. However people seemed to just leave all the left over beer bottles right where they finished them. I would hate to be a cleaner afterwards. It makes you wonder if all the British are brought up like that? Especially in a nation trying to be forward thinking and go green.

A last note on the green issue, shops have in the last month started pushing "enviro friendly" bags and making customers pay for plastic bags. Sound familiar? Apparently SA isn't as backwards as we thought. Anyone coming to the UK should note that enviro friendly bags are the new fashion accessory. Its like an instant good impression.

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