Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Residence woes

So I was officially homeless as of this morning. Turns out that the sublet agreement I had with the guy who's room I was staying in invalidated his lease agreement cause I'm not a Kellogg college student. So with one week to go, I am moving daily from b&b to b&b. Very frustrating, especially since its extra expenditure. For now I am in Rewley House (pronounced roar-ley). Its like a hotel. There are even chocolates on the pillow.

There is a rule somewhere that all students in residence have to pay for the entire year, regardless of whether their course involves fieldwork or they have a vac job. The rules state that one can sublet the room, but only to certain parties. Now I have to wonder how many people actually follow the rules because I have heard very bad stories of colleges not helping find people to stay in the rooms.

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