Friday, July 4, 2008

Met Office

I boarded a train at 8.30 this morning for Exeter. What's in Exeter? The Met Office. The SAWS equivalent with more money. We got a taxi to the office, nice change to walking and trying to catch buses. The taxis wasn't allowed into the grounds until he identified the passengers. The Met Office is very tight with security. We were escorted to the bathroom!

The visit itself was mind-boggling. The place is huge. Has its own gym and cafeteria. Bruce gave a talk about ICA and stakeholder needs. Between all this I met a variety of researchers, all of which explained their research. I now have a massive task of trying to remember the content and go back to look it up when I have more time. Amongst this is: Land use change, snowpacks, perturbed physics, downscaling, ICA, DFID, fires in RCM, albedo from burning, vegetation feedbacks, splines, SOMs hierachies.

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