Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bohemian with a side of goth

Camden Town seems to be a collection of bohemian market stalls with a few goth stalls thrown in for variety. I had a fantastic time wandering through the various markets on Chalk Farm road and meeting some of the truly eccentric store workers. One lady asked me my birth month before i looked around the stall and then chose a selection of clothes that i should like. It seems freaky that she was right.

Regents Park is very green and I had a great time watching the various soccer games that were on. Regents Park Football Club officially operates out of a tent pitched in between sectioned off pieces of park.

Liverpool Street and Petticoat lane was like going through Green Point Sunday market. Lots and load and touristy. One interesting thing to note is that this section seems to have the only fabric stores in London (and Oxford). A haberdashery seems to be a foreign concept. The theory(complements of Lily) is that the English have the disposable income to buy clothes and not make or repair items. Any other suggestions will be gladly welcomed.

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