Wednesday, June 11, 2008

pollen and planes

I thought I had escaped the spring pollen but it seems that the sunshine has brought out all the flowers and hence the pollen, hayfever sucks.

On another note, if you look up at the sky on clear days you see these weird stripes zigzagging across the otherwise blue hue. These are aeroplane tracks. From what the atmos ppl can tell me, when the planes fly through, they cause condensation and hey presto, white stripes.


Warren said...

mmmm.... there's something vaguely poetic about that, but I can't express it right now. Something like, like natural pollen pollutes our system even as our 'pollen' ('spray' from the planes) pollutes nature.

My mad lit skills are in need of fine-tuning. :)

Heidi said...

they are called "chem trails" most are for so-called pesticides but me thinks it's darker than that