Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shiny medals

I partnered a dancer from OUDC today for a medal test: Silver Latin. There is video footage, not sure how good, but I might post it once I get it.

It is interesting how UCT differs from Oxford. At UCT we encourage family to come watch and make a day out of it. Oxford just gets on with it. You show up, fill out some forms and dance. There aren't extra practice classes beforehand, most people start thinking about doing a medal the week before. Melvin the guy I partnered worked out a routine last night!

This is the real difference over here. Dances are taught in routines and steps are added to the routine and built up over the year. I have come to appreciate Maureen's methods of learning a move and then the different ways of putting everything together, it creates a very free way to dance.

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