Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oxford @night

I walked home tonight from movies. I was appalled by the dirt collected after a night out in Oxford. It seems a prerequisite to leave the bar/club drunk, not tipsy, not happy, drunk. Most people seem to stagger (with help) to a late night takeaway vendor and eat to satisfy those late night munchies and just discard the containers as they go. There seem to be a lack of bins and a mindset of cleaning up after themselves. I think the students here think there is always someone who will pick up after them. It makes the normally pretty street look like rubbish fills.


Warren said...

This actually sounds like a university town phenomenon. We definitely had the same ethos going out at night at Rhodes.

Andrew Symington said...

Wow - that's pretty interesting to hear. I've been out twice at night in Oxford, but I think they were both in the middle of the week. It's quite interesting to hear this perspective, as the world believes differently about calibre of student at Oxford. Perhaps take some pictures next time.