Sunday, June 22, 2008

On safari in Norwich

I have been walking around Norwich for the last 2 days with my cousins and aunt. St Paul's Cathedral is absolutely stunning with its sculpted ceilings and stained glass windows. There is a real sense of calmness about the place that is very soothing.

The Marketplace in the town centre is a group of now permanent structures with metal roofs, all painted to match the canvas of yesteryear. Very colourful though I'm not sure it works. Many of the businesses have been there for over 30 yrs.

After the conventional touristy things to do, I persuaded the rest of my family to come on elephant safari with me. I know, safari in Norwich, i've gone mad. Well, actually, there is an art exhibition called Go Elephants on that has decorated statues of elephants situated throughout Norwich starting today. There are 53 but I've only managed around 20+ atm.

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