Thursday, June 26, 2008

Police, protests and education

I was walking home today when I passed an animal rights protest happening in front of the science buildings. This isn't unusual apparently. There is a controversial new lab being built to test drugs on animals for cancer etc. The unusual thing was the ratio of people to police. It was 2 protesters to 1 police officer. The police officers even had cameras to record the event. Now i think that is overkill, obviously the miscreants of Oxford are not providing the police with enough work :)

On to my next discovery, the school and uni education system in the UK. At 16 you can leave school with O-levels, and learn a trade of sorts. Alternatively you can do your A-levels which is the equivalent of maybe halfway into our first yr at uni. Now this is when things get weird. At uni you pick a stream and stick with it, no dual majors in different faculties, the guys here were very confused how people managed lectures all over the city when they did business and science subjects. It just isn't done. No tailor-made degree programs here. I suddenly was very happy to have gone to UCT. The next is the exams. Turns out you write prelims at the end of first yr and then finals at the end of third yr. Prelims don't count and most courses only count the final exam, so the whole degree rests on 2 weeks worth of exams. That SUCKS.

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Andrew said...

Some of our engineering courses were much like that, exam counted 100%. Sucked as just encouraged people to not go to class or do any work during the semester.