Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Runners paradise

Schlosspark is a runners paradise, there are multiple tracks so you don't get bored looking at the same scenery, its flats (none of that silly uphill stuff) and the scenery itself is breathtaking. I've been running in an effort to keep fit since I'm not dancing and to avoid the rumoured 5-7 kilos that apparently most YSSPers mange to pack on while here (Its all the deep-fried food, beer and cheese with a quick stop at the ice-cream shop for dessert)

The other very cool feature of the Schlosspark is the lake (very large pond) that has another Franzenburg Museum in the middle. A tower, a couple of turrets and instant castle lookalilke. There is also another 'Schloss' (Altes Schloss) in the park. We recently discovered that it isn't in fact an 'authentic' schloss. Still pretty cool though. I took my camera with me on one of my runs, its the perfect excuse to stop every few hundred metres for another scenic photo. People look at me weirdly here for running in the heat...its like 23 degrees C, oh well.
This last picture is my favourite. There is a lily pond separate from the lake (well connected by streams) that is covered in lilies of some kind right now and their flowers are yellow. The dragonflies seem love them and I managed to get a photo :)


Ben Haller said...

Just FYI, that's a damselfly, not a dragonfly. :->

Hayley said...

Thanks Ben, my entomology knowledge is atrocious. They just looked pretty :P