Monday, June 7, 2010

The elevator pitch: Your life in 3 minutes

The elevator pitch, a summary of your research for the general population. I'm sure everyone has done an elevator pitch at some stage in their life. That dreaded question "So what do you do/study?". Today is the YSSP Introductory Workshop and each research group has 5 minutes to introduce their research interests and then each student attached to the research group has 3 minutes to give their elevator pitch.

The general idea:
1 minute: Who you are, where you are from and your technical background
2 minutes: Your research question you wish to explore during the YSSP period including your scientific interests for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Marek Makowski (my supervisor) shared a few recommendations that other groups seem to have missed.
  1. 2 slides
  2. No more than 7 words per line, 7 lines per slide
  3. No full sentences that people can read and not focus on you.

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