Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A glimpse of Salzburg

We had a very quick stop off in Salzburg on our way home from Zell am See and the Salzburg Global Seminar on Monday afternoon. By quick I mean an hour. I did manage to run around the "City Centre" as the tourists brochures describe it. There is a river running through the city, making for some gorgeous riverside views. Salzburg is nestled at the foot of a cliff/mountain and the castles at the top are definitely something I am going back to visit.

The gardens of Schloss Mirabell (yes I know yet another Schloss :P) are picture perfect with manicured flower beds in artistic patterns, a rose garden, sculptures to represent the elements and a statue of Pegasus with the biggest smile I've ever seen on a winged horse.

As you move from Mirabellgarten you get a glimpse of copper domes at seems to typify church architecture here. For a country that is not that religious they have an amazing number of churches per square kilometre.

As we moved into the official city centre we started noticing a few familiar buildings (at least if you're a Sound of Music fan). The fountain I'm sitting on the edge of is where Maria takes the children (that open square) and behind me is the Residence building. After the SGS Schloss and this I can state I've visited about 90% of the places the filmed in.

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Anthea said...

It's beautiful! I'm a Sound of Music fan, so this post got me excited.