Friday, June 11, 2010

The clocks strikes 12

The Austrian's seem to be just as pedantic about time as the Germans. Imagine being late...travesty! The picture on the right is the clock from the inner courtyard of the Schloss Laxenburg.

The church facing the Schloss chimes on the hour and at midday this is a sign for downing tools and heading to lunch. The Schloss Restaurant has seating in the garden (for the now sunny days) and lunch is a great opportunity to talk to fellow YSSPers about the worlds problems (and of course our party plans). So far I have learnt about public and private goods, cattle ranching, sustainable buildings, India's suicide problem in connection with farming, policy design for early warnings for extreme hydro events, air transportation vs train transportation, the list goes on. Hopefully when I have a clearer view on what people are doing I can broadcast their innovative research and world views.

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