Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1: Official Opening

The first day of YSSP 2010 has arrived. The entire group was introduced to the team that has been helping us for the last few months as well as the director of IIASA. We were shepherded through miles of corridors but it was worth it in the end, chocolate pastries...yum.

The official opening consisted of the usual hellos, random logistics, stand up and say where you are from etc. The Head of the Library Aviott John walked us through the weirdest library numbering system I have ever seen. Its all based on shelf number, publication type and year. The library itself is wonderful though and its self-service 24/7.

It seems that most of the staff at IIASA are Windows users (with a UNIX server system) and Apple is only recently gaining in popularity amongst staff and students (My supervisor has a MacBook).

Our day ended with a traditional Austrian Heuriger (wine tavern) meal. The meal starts with breads and spreads, moves on to salads (almost all coated in vinegar) and then meat (schnitzel). Dessert was apple strudel.

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