Thursday, June 17, 2010

IME: Multiple Criteria Analysis

Marek Makowski gave a seminar today on Multiple Criteria Analysis for the Integrated Modeling Environment (IME) group.

Integrated model analysis helps one analyse a manageable number of solutions having different trade-offs between (conflicting) criteria. There are two different types available. Descriptive (simulations) which is alternative-focused. The input is the decisions and the outcomes the goals. The other is Prescriptive (optimisation) is goal-orientated. The inputs are the goals (preferences) and the outcomes are the decisions. Where there are goals, one needs multiple criteria analysis.

IME IIASA developed a Multi-criteria Analysis tool for an energy project a few years ago. The tool is fairly easy to use and available to the public (along with some introductory and advanced papers). Our next session is a hands on workshop for using the tool.

In other news I skipped Adaptive Dynamics this morning, the PHD Comic below seems rather apt, the lecture venue is literally just down the hall.

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