Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A link in a long chain

The YSSP has moved into its third week of work, activities and seminars. One of the most interesting outcomes for me has been the connections of topics amongst the participants, we're suddenly no longer an individual doing research, but a long chain made up of many small links. I suddenly have this feeling of perspective, I can see a student producing the data I use, talk to someone using the products I'm producing and then seeing how policies are designed based on that product analysis.

The networking opportunities here are also phenomenal. The Council of IIASA (The Powers That Be) met yesterday for their bi-annual review of research and strategic planning. I was lucky enough to be invited to the council lunch afterwards to speak to the South African, German and Indian representatives.

The rest of the week is filled with new challenges.
Today we have a lectures by Roger Levien, the founder of YSSP, on the need for systems analysts and Norman Neureiter on Science Diplomacy.
Wednesday is the start of a course of Public Policy Analysis and a seminar on Bioenergy.
Thursday is filled with a seminars on Adaptive Dynamics (Micro-Evolution to long-term evolution) and on Multiple Criteria Analysis (including Pareto optimisation).
Friday the YSSP group are heading to Zell am See for a weekend of hiking in the Alps.

Somewhere in this we still have to find a full day to do work. Its going to be back to the sleep when you're dead philosophy :)

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