Monday, June 14, 2010


Eisenstadt ("Iron City") is well worth a visit for a few hours. Its about an hour away from Vienna and boasts a rather high density of churches and Haydn-named objects. Eisenstadt is a capital of a region in Austria called Burgenland. Markus, Aapo and I took on the 34C heat to wonder the city.

The Schloss Esterhazy is a rather impressive palace for the size of the city. Haydn was neither born nor died in Eisenstadt but his presence is felt everywhere. Joseph Haydn was under the patronage of the Esterhazy family and lived in Eisenstadt while composing. Hadyn's mausoleum is attached to the Bergkirche, a rather eclectic church (note the roof configuration) that looks like they just kept adding the building without a true plan.

The Schlosspark however steals the show entirely. There is a mini-lake (its bigger than a pond) surrounded by soaring trees, a Winter garden/Orangery and a beautiful Leopoldinentempel overlooking a pond. This tranquil setting would make an awesome picnic spot.

The highlight of our day came when we stepped into the church exhibition for which you are meant to pay 3 euros. We had no clue what was on offer in the museum and hence asked the attendant. On realising we weren't religious history fans let us in for free because he felt the exhibit would be of no interest to us...Only the Austrians would charge the interested. We did have to sign the guestbook with our countries though.

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