Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another World Is Possible

"In the world we live in, the bad wolf of climate change has already ransacked the straw house and the house made of sticks, and the inhabitants of both are now knocking on the door of the brick house where the people of the developed world live” - Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Climate Change, developement and energy problems in South Africa another world is possible is a report by Earthlife Africa Johannesburg (Oxfam International) is an interesting summary of the current state of South Africa in terms of CC. (Thanks go to Arame for pointing out this report)

South Africa is reported to be the highest emitter GHG in Africa. As it currently stands South Africa is under no legal obligation to cut emissions but they should be under a moral obligation, SA is on the edge with respect to Climate Change as it is.

The executive summary stated that SA reducing its emissions would send a clear message to the world that would increase its negotiating power. Given what happened in Copenhagen where SA was sidelined, can we say this?

I'm always curious as to how the international community views South Africa when discussing various conccepts like poverty, disadvantaged, third world, African, political power etc

An interesting experiment suggested by Nimi (the other SA YSSP):
Google: 'poverty' or 'township' or 'development' and see what images you get.

Then check out this Youtube ad.

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