Friday, August 20, 2010

YSSP vs IIASA football showdown

Last night was the YSSP vs IIASA Staff football showdown which I gather has become a tradition over the years. I have also heard that the staff have a few players that actually play for clubs unlike the YSSPers. Knowing this I'm not surprised when past scores have been 9-0, 7-1 etc to the staff. This year the YSSPers have been playing every week and have definitely improved from the first get together in June. They have even had secret meetings and been practicing to take on the staff. Paul the octopus predicted a YSSP win in the 4th half :)

This said, they lost 4-3 but only because they didn't stick to their game plan in the first half. In the second and third halves they played beautifully. Those who came to support who very enthusiastic for every goal they scored and every goal Mikko saved.

The photo documentary of the match below:

The meeting of the leaders, please notice the fancy uniforms handmade with love by Avery, Aapo and Markus and Avery's now green shoes after Aapo and Markus "accidently on purpose" decided that they needed to match his uniform.

YSSP first half meeting, its a very international negotiation going on :)

The supporters came out with their new vuvuzelas from Africa Day and did a few mini Mexican waves to cheer on the YSSP team. The IIASA staff were lacking both the noise makers and numbers to upstage them. Its all about the fan base.

The end of match photo

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