Friday, August 13, 2010

Asia Day

Asia Day was a gastronomic delight as food from every corner of Asia was prepared for us to feast on. As with Africa Day the food queues were really long as people asked questions about the food and how it is prepared etc. I saw a lot of heaped plates.

I can't even begin to name all the food prepared. I can however name some of the countries represented: Japan, China, Korea (mmm... bbq), Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nepal.

As with any Asia party, the traditional costumes were beautifully colourful, sort of like birds of paradise. I really wish I had managed to organise a sari for the evening.

The Asia staff and students organised a series of cultural exhibitions which included a play written by one of the staff. Though plagued with a few sound issues, they performed beautifully and it made for some fun.

Cultural Program:
  • IIASA-YSSP Musical Group “Pro-Tempore“ : The Snow at the Feet of the Maharaja.

The staff and students have been practising in secret for weeks now to present a play. Various members of Forestry were talked into playing bodyguards for the beautiful queen. Our YSSP coordinator even sang for us :)

  • HSC: Flash Mob Dance

  • Elena Rovenskaya : Belly Dance
  • Suchi Subramanian : Bollywood Dance
  • Subramanian Family : Indian Melodies
  • Haiguang Hao : Tai Chi

  • Sarthak Gaurav : Indian Rhapsody

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