Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dirty Dancing in Deutschland

As a ballroom dancer and a huge fan of Dirty Dancing the movie from before I even started dance classes, when I passed the Theatre Am Potsdamer Platz and saw the lumo pink sign proclaiming "Dirty Dancing...Das Original Live On Stage" I knew I had found my Friday evening activity. The show was a mixture of German dialogue and English songs (from the movie). Given that I can almost recite the original dialogue I could translate the German dialogue enough to follow. I had amazing seats level with the stage for 39.90 euros (R380) which is actually less than I'd probably pay back in South Africa.

The general cast dancers were amazing, good ballroom dancers and fantastic free-styling. Their lifts, spins and moves were executed with such precision. The leads were another story. "Johnny" was a very talented dancer but "Baby" was quite obviously not a trained dancer. I realise this is the idea behind the story, but she looked awkward even in the closing dance.

Lets hope the production goes on tour in English somewhere near me.

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