Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breakfast..More like Brunch

Today is going to be a series of emotional farewells as we all leave to our various homes. People have been getting teary-eyed all morning. Preeti (my flatmate) and I opened the first floor balcony up for breakfast this morning. The event turned into breakfast/brunch as various people woke up from partying most of the night away.

We had to hijack Ben's kitchen to deal with the massive amounts of food we all brought to cook. The idea was to finish up everything in the fridges...and I ended up with more food than I started with.

The menu for the morning: Pancakes with cinnamon and sugar, Turkish bakery bread (so good), boiled eggs, American style Austrian bacon, donuts, croissants and McDonalds! Quite the feast.

More I have to finish packing before my grand European contiki :)

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