Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waving The African Flag Proudly

Africa Day was officially a great success. We ate, danced and drank...a typical African party.

YSSPers and a few staff slaved over stoves, watched ovens, shopped up a storm to bring African cuisine to the IIASA ignorants. Arame and I planned (or were told to plan) for 60 - 70 people and so with this in mind we made enough food for leftovers. The problem was (we don't consider it a problem really) that almost double that number attended, so much for Arame's and my plan to eat the leftovers for lunch. We have absolutely nothing left. There were queues for food! I've never such a thing, though to be fair I think that was because everyone required an explanation of the food which made the selection time a lot longer than normal.

The quiz Ben designed apparently taxed the minimal knowledge people had about Africa, including their flag knowledge. Highest score was 26/100!

The menu for the evening included:
  • Beef Bobotie (South Africa)
  • Chicken Tajine (Morocco)
  • Lentil and Brinjal Curry (South Africa)
  • Yassa (Senegal)
  • Thiou Guinar (Cote d’Ivoire)
  • Ugali/Msima (Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia)
  • White Jasmine Rice
  • Pine nut couscous
  • Malva Pudding (South Africa)
  • Koeksisters (South Africa)
  • Bouye (Baobab Tree fruit drink)
  • Bissap (Sweet Hibiscus fruit drink)
  • Springbokkies (South Africa)
We had a bit of a music problem, how to represent the entire continent's music in 3.5 hours? Make a playlist of 16 hours worth of all our favourites and put it on shuffle, the computer can be the unbiased selector :P Let the dancing begin!!

My mom posted me a few vuvuzelas which provided much entertainment as partygoers tried to out perform each other, talk about noise!

Overall I think it was a great success and the kitchens of Vienna can breathe a sigh of relief as they go back to being unused.

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Ben Haller said...

Max score possible was 92, actually, but yes, the best teams both got 26. I've put the quiz up at:

with the flag images at:

and the answers at:

in case anybody wants to try it!