Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inception: Seeding an idea

I've heard a lot of things about Inception from various people but have tried very hard to avoid official reviews. I have seen an amazing array of posters advertising the movie which seem truly warped. *spoiler alert*

I finally got a chance to see the movie last night with a few other YSSPers at the English cinema in Vienna, the Hadyn. The Hadyn was huge seats and the screen has a curtain in front of it that opens like on a stage in time for the movie. It felt strangely like going to see a play. A little side note: The Americans find assigned seating strange.

I'm a fan of Christopher Nolan (director) after seeing Memento and The Dark Knight and hoped that Inception lived up the very high standard set by both.

Inception was mind-blowing, the concept of dreams within dreams was sSean Mort's version of Inceptionomething I've not really considered before but in hindsight could see it. There were a few plot holes but the movie explicitly shows you where you are in every level with different sets. I'm not sure they correctly calculated the time expansion across levels but it made for high drama at the end.

I definitely think it is worth the hype surrounding it.

Since we are at IIASA and studying systems analysis, have a look at the flowchart. Its a spoiler alert for those who haven't seen it yet, though I'm not sure that after reading the flowchart that you'll have any more idea of the movie than before.

*there is an updated version after the artist saw the movie for the third time*

For those who didn't get the synchronisation of the kicks: try this picture by a deviantArt user.

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