Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bear Hunting in Berlin

Most people know that at times I choose somewhat unconventional touring techniques. Today was no different. I discovered that the cute bears that they sell in the tourist shops are actually replicas of bear statues situated throughout the city. I'm sure you can now guess, I went bear hunting (this is very reminiscent of my Norwich Safari spotting elephants).

There are lots of them and with no clue with how many or where I set off to find as many (guessing they would be in touristy places). I managed to find an abysmal total of 9 bears (not all pictured here). I photographed each discovery triumphantly but one discovery photo eluded me, the American Bear situated IN the US Embassy (they got a little cross with me for trying to photograph the embassy).

One my bear hunting I explored Potsdam quite thoroughly, the little side streets, famous buildings, walked the path of the wall and got thoroughly rained on in the process.

I particularly liked the olympic bear and the lottery bear, though my absolute favourite was the scuba bear. I found a few more online for those curious. After exploring during the day I googled the strange creatures are discovered their names are Buddy Bears.

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