Monday, August 23, 2010


This weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to Wolf's birthday party in Pörtschach (which will henceforth to refered to as P-dorf as I cannot pronounce it). P-dorf is situated next to Wörthersee, the most gorgeous lake in Austria. About 3 hours drive away from Vienna, 10 of us trekked by car and/or train to check out what all the fuss was about.

The lake has crystal clear green/blue water and is surrounded by the Alps. We had a few hours free until the party started and went for a dip in the lake. The swimming area (which you pay to get into) has a supertube and diving board.

While posing for a group shot Avery decides to try the tactic used by the photographer for the new YSSP brochure. "Think of a wild science idea"..."Avery keep quiet and look at the camera"..."But..."..."AVERY!"

Then there is always one that messes up a fairly traditional photograph...In our case we have two, aren't we lucky :P

Wolf threw a spectacular Sushi & Saki themed event with some karaoke and loads of sake. I even got to try my sushi making skills again rolling maki (with holey Korean seaweed).

Wolf's friends bought him his first pair of lederhosen, which he proceeded to wear for the remainder of the evening. Being his first pair they required a little bit of explanation and help to put on.

The party raged on til 6am I'm told (I baled at 3.30am) and hence the car trip home was rather quiet...

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