Monday, July 19, 2010

Bathing in Budapest

Over my two days in Budapest I visited two baths, one huge and happening, the other quaint and quiet.

Szechenyi Baths

The first, Szechenyi Baths, is situated in a giant park and feels like you swimming in the courtyard of a Schloss. The buildings are painted yellow and the outdoor pools are surrounded by fountains and statues. There is a total of 15 pools of varying temperatures ranging from 18C to 38C.

The group experimented with plunging into the cold water and then the very hot, made a whirlpool in one of the hot pools and had a peek in a sauna. Overall it was a nice way to soak off the sunscreen and relax after walking most of Budapest. Our feet were grateful.

Gellert Baths

The second set of baths was Gellert Baths attached to Gellert Hotel. The entrance way is worth a visit on its own, the ceilings are a network of coloured glass domes and mosaic work.

The baths themselves are much smaller than Szechenyi, with only 5 indoor pools and a few outdoor pools. The baths have a very calming atmosphere, brought on I suppose by the carved pillars and glass roof. I splashed out for a Hot Stone Massage which was fantastic.

In both baths you are given a plastic armband with what I assume is an RFID tag embedded in it. Your locker number is encoded on it and your can only get into your locker by touching it to the sensor. Towel rentals are also encoded onto the armband. Any extras like massages are also encoded on it. Those who remember our CS Hons network security project should get a kick out of this system.


alapan said...

They changed to a more technology advanced system ... forgetting codes was part of the fun :)

olgalu said...

Nice pictures!! I see you had a nice time in two of the most beautiful thermal baths in Budapest. Glad you didn't experience any rudeness from staff in Szechényi Baths almost everyone talks about.