Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian Breakfast

Today I am an honorary Canadian. I helped out at the Canadian Breakfast organised for the staff and students. The menu: pancakes (crumpets), bacon and maple syrup (with some whipped cream if you're calorie deprived). We slaved over hot grids over a coal fire to cook enough for about 150 people. That is a lot of pancakes.

We started the fires at 7am (the sun was just rising over the IIASA building when I got off the bus) and stepped into our designer aprons (I've discovered pancake making is rather messier here than at home). Stephan become Captain Butter. Pancakes made with butter are sooo good.

There are a few honorary Canadians amongst the staff that help the legitimate Canadians toil away making pancake batches. I even managed to convince a few other YSSPers to become honorary Canadians once they had eaten to help flip. It became quite a game of teaching the inexperienced the art of waiting for the bubbles and flipping for the perfect golden brown.

Today marks the start of the second month of YSSP. 1 month gone and not much in the way of results. Its been an interesting week, lets hope things are smoother from here on out (and that I find some dancing soon).

Tomorrow is American Day to celebrate 4th of July (a little early I know). We've been told to expect hotdogs, dizzy bat and games...
And finally in honour of my finely honed skills of making letters and animals at home: YSSP 2010

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