Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jazz hands and funky feet

Yesterday is a story of many places, many things and much hilarity. It started with a mad dash to Vienna Rathaus (City Hall) for the start of Imelda May's free jazz concert. Vienna is filled with cheap (free) cultural experiences in Summer with free opera viewing on the big screens, film festival and Jazz festival of which last nights performance was a part.

Imelda May wasn't spectacular, more Country than Jazz but it was still nice to sit back and listen to while soaking up the ambience. The Rathaus itself is spectacular and I will get to taking the tour on of these weekends. The bars and fast food restaurants look appealing too, so maybe a stop for a quick drink one night wouldn't hurt either :)

For those of you in Vienna, I took a 'short cut' through the Volksgarten, it is absolutely stunning to take a stroll through. Its open til 10pm daily according to the sign. With all the major lit at night, Vienna is just as alive and welcoming as during the day.

After a not so quick stop back in Simmering for an online planning meeting for Umonya (does anyone know any CS contacts at WITS?), I high-tailed it back to basically the same U-Bahn stop to watch the football at the University grounds, an area filled with beer stands and many TV screens. Our group had a pretty even split of supporters, but the octopus was right, Spain did prevail.

We moved on to a Scottish Pub (Highlander Pub) a few blocks away for a commiseration/celebratory drink depending on the person. I happened to read the food menu...Chilli Con Carne was not Scottish when I last checked, then again neither is Guinness which takes up most of the signage space.

The highlight of my night was not actually any of the above, but the impromptu Samba and Salsa lesson for Avery and Markus at midnight on the U-Bahn platform. I think there is some potential there :P

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